The rattle in the HVAC duct was getting louder everyday.

I had been hearing a small rattle in the HVAC duct for almost a month, however now it was getting louder.

I couldn’t imagine what the noise was, although I was hoping it wasn’t something serious.

My husband told me to call the heating and A/C supplier, although I kept thinking about the cost of a new HVAC duct, which made me upset. He told me to quit thinking so hard, and call the heating and A/C supplier. They could absolutely make repairs without replacing any of the HVAC ducts. I called the heating and A/C supplier and told the operator about the unusual rattle in my HVAC duct. I told him it was getting louder, and it only happened when the heat was on. She said it wasn’t something he could diagnose, despite the fact that he was going to set up an appointment for me. Three afternoons later, there was an actual heating and A/C specialist in my house. He ran tests on the boiler first, and told me there was nothing wrong. He did hear the rattling sounds when the boiler turned on, and it was absolutely coming from the HVAC duct. I was already aware of that, although I thanked him for the information. He said he wanted to get a team of HVAC duct cleaners to the house. The HVAC duct looked dirty, and he was thinking that could be the problem. When the HVAC duct cleaners arrived, it didn’t take long for them to find the problem. Our dog had been playing with an aluminum ball and it was caught in the HVAC duct. I finally made a note to have the HVAC duct cleaned more often, so this may never happen again.

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I wanted to supply the heating and A/C specialist a post-dated check.

I was going to supply the heating and A/C specialist a post-dated check, although I didn’t know when I could make it good, if it was for the cost of a new boiler

I knew I couldn’t go without heating and A/C. I had a newborn baby, and I had nowhere else to go. When the boiler broke, I didn’t know about it twice. I picked up the cellphone, and asked them to come service my boiler. I looked at my checkbook and knew that if the price went over $100, I wouldn’t have enough money to pay the heating and A/C specialist. When the central heating and A/C specialist showed up, I tried to tie him down to an estimate of what the repairs were going to cost. He told me he couldn’t do that until he did an inspection to find out where the problem was; Once he knew if he needed parts, and what the work was going to be, he could possibly supply me an estimate. After almost an hour, the heating and A/C specialist came back upstairs. Not only couldn’t he supply me with an estimate, although he couldn’t service the boiler. I didn’t know what I was going to do. I needed heat because I had a three-week old son. I couldn’t afford a new boiler, if I couldn’t afford to have repairs made. I was going to supply the heating and A/C specialist a post-dated check, although I didn’t know when I could make it good, if it was for the cost of a new boiler. I started to cry, and the heating and A/C specialist sat down at the table with me. He asked when I would be going back to work? I offered him my date for returning, and he asked how much I could afford biweekly once I got back to work. He said that there was no reason I couldn’t make payments to the heating and A/C supplier, and the first payment wouldn’t be due until a month after I got back to work.

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Workout space isn’t air conditioned

The weather in my local area is especially hot and humid.

For the majority of the year, we deal with temperatures in the high eighties, nineties and sometimes the triple digits.

The excessive moisture makes the air feel especially overheated and heavy. We rely on central air conditioning for approximately eight months straight. I have a lanai built across the back of the house that I use for a workout space. The cement floor and high ceilings are ideal. There is plenty of square footage to provide for a yoga mat, incline bench, mini trampolines, set of hand weights, battle ropes and an elliptical. The one wall is entirely constructed of screens. I enjoy the view of the backyard and the lake behind my house. There are times when I appreciate the influx of fresh air. Unfortunately, there is no way to air condition my home gym. I get up as early as I can manage to complete my workout before the day heats up. I am typically dripping sweat before I finish my warm up. Despite running several box fans on the highest speed, the heat and humidity are a problem. I find it difficult to get motivated. I feel sluggish and slow. While I’m very happy with the setup of my home gym, I’ve considered building a shed on my property. I could then outfit the shed with a window air conditioner or a ductless mini split and enjoy a comfortable temperature. I think I would get more benefits out of my exercise sessions. However, it would be a considerable investment.

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Getting an electrician to do my recessed lightning

I recently called an electrician to add recessed lighting in my kitchen. I know I could have gotten my husband or sons to do the job. It isn’t all that difficult. You basically crawl around in the crawlspace, cut a hole and plug in the light. However, I know I don’t have those electrician skills. I could research it, but I don’t really have the time. I figured I would rather work and make money to pay the electrician than do the work myself. I didn’t want to hound any of the men in my family to do the electrical work either. So instead of calling in favors, I just called the local electrician near me. The electrician was really great. He showed up on time and did the job in two hours. I provided the recessed lightning and he just did the job. What was really great was that the weather was nice. I took out my sunchair, got my laptop, cup of tea and brought my cat outside. The two of us then had a really productive day. I got a lot of work done and the electrician installed my recessed lightning. It really makes my kitchen look so much bigger and grander. I had ugly puff lights before and they provided a lot of light, but didn’t look so great. With recessed lightning they are out of the way and quite classy looking. The electrician did a great job and cleaned up all the leftover debris. What I especially liked is that he just took the money and left. There was no chatting and wasting time with him.


Spring cleaning includes clean air ducts

I am walking around my house just purposefully breathing in and out through my mouth and nose.

  • This is because my indoor air quality is once again restored to an excellent level.

While I sure appreciate the help from the HEPA filter we use, my hat’s once again off to the HVAC professionals. I found out about the wonders of good indoor air quality when I got a coupon from the HVAC company. I’m really not so sure just why I actually noticed this coupon. We often get coupons from the HVAC company because wer’re in the HVAC service plan. Honestly, I really sort of lumped all that with the junk mail and tossed it. But as inflation has taken hold and punished our finances, I began paying a lot closer attention to coupons. Any money saved is a good thing. So maybe that’s why I saw that HVAC company coupon last year. It was for like 30 percent off on ductwork cleaning and ductwork resealing. I knew that I hadn’t had the ductwork cleaned ever so I thought it would be good to do it and save a bunch at the same time. The HVAC professionals were great and took such good care of my home. And they also gave me a lesson in indoor air quality. That’s where I got the idea of using a HEPA filter instead of the cheap one that does nothing but protect the HVAC equipment. But I was stunned at how clean and fresh my house was after the ductwork cleaning. It’s now part of my Spring cleaning and I’m going to keep walking around just breathing it all in.

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Ceiling fans are good at circulating air conditioning currents

When I grew up we only had the money to live in an old house.

I made use of whatever was available at the time, especially when it came to appliances throughout the house.

Our washer and dryer were really old and inefficient. The oven was from the 1970s while the microwave is from the 1980s. We had old windows that were really leaking in the winter time, and frequently dripped with water when there were bad thunderstorms. My Dad tried to use silicone caulk on them several times but they would still leak. One thing I liked about that house was that I had ceiling fans and almost every single room. When you don’t have air conditioning and it’s the summertime, you really grow to appreciate ceiling fans and the function they serve. They’re not the most expensive thing to have either, so it’s good to invest in them if you don’t already have them to begin with. Even if you have an air conditioner, ceiling fans are good at recirculating the cold air. They can move it from the ceiling and push it down low into the floor. You can make up for bad ductwork by using ceiling fans. I’m really happy with the ceiling fans in my current home and the function they serve helping my air conditioning system. Without my ceiling fans, my air conditioning system would not be as efficient at recirculating air throughout the house. Some people who have air conditioners don’t even use their ceiling fans. They don’t realize how helpful they can be for using an air conditioning system.

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