We finally got air conditioning in our bedroom

My husband and I had been wanting to get an air conditioner for our bedroom for a long time.

We put it off for so long that I started getting used to staying up for hours each night because I got so hot. It was truly silly of us to put off getting an air conditioner. They really aren’t that pricy. We just procrastinate on things that we don’t consider urgent. I wish that we would have considered having air conditioning in our room urgent because now that we have it, we both sleep so much better. I think I forgot what it felt like to have a full night’s sleep. My husband and I both noticed that we had a lot more energy after we got our air conditioner in our room. We actually didn’t even end up paying for it. We went to the store to buy it, and we met one of our good friends. He saw the air conditioner and asked where we were going to put it. After explaining the whole story to him of how we put off buying one for months, he decided to buy it for us. We tried to stop him, but he would not take “no” for an answer. It was super kind of him. He is one of those people who gives and gives. You would think that he does not have anything left to give, but somehow, he is always blessed financially, and I truly believe it is because he gives and gives of himself and his money. We are so blessed to have a friend who spontaneously buys things for us.

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