Getting an electrician to do my recessed lightning

I recently called an electrician to add recessed lighting in my kitchen. I know I could have gotten my husband or sons to do the job. It isn’t all that difficult. You basically crawl around in the crawlspace, cut a hole and plug in the light. However, I know I don’t have those electrician skills. I could research it, but I don’t really have the time. I figured I would rather work and make money to pay the electrician than do the work myself. I didn’t want to hound any of the men in my family to do the electrical work either. So instead of calling in favors, I just called the local electrician near me. The electrician was really great. He showed up on time and did the job in two hours. I provided the recessed lightning and he just did the job. What was really great was that the weather was nice. I took out my sunchair, got my laptop, cup of tea and brought my cat outside. The two of us then had a really productive day. I got a lot of work done and the electrician installed my recessed lightning. It really makes my kitchen look so much bigger and grander. I had ugly puff lights before and they provided a lot of light, but didn’t look so great. With recessed lightning they are out of the way and quite classy looking. The electrician did a great job and cleaned up all the leftover debris. What I especially liked is that he just took the money and left. There was no chatting and wasting time with him.