The power cord on my space heater melted while I used it

I’m always paranoid and afraid of fire hazards.

Back when I was a little kid I played with a lighter in my garage and almost caught it on fire.

It was a scary experience for sure. But at the time, I thought I was having a lot of fun doing it. Sometimes I would even blow up little balloons using the propellant tank from an airbrush. Usually this air would either contain ozone or propane at times. You could fill up a balloon and pop it with a match and it would explode with flames. It was pretty exciting at the time, but it was extremely dangerous and hazardous. I could have honestly caught the entire house on fire if I hadn’t been more careful. I’ve read stories about people having strange reactions from different appliances as well. For instance, I had a little miniature drink cooler fridge that started to melt on the back where the cord plugs in. If I hadn’t found it when I did, it could have started a fire. The same thing happens with the power cords for space heaters it seems. Before this recently happened to myself, I had read about it in the review section of several different space heaters that I saw on the internet. People say they’ll turn on the space heater and after an hour if you use the power cord then starts to melt into the floor. I’m not even sure why this happens, but it happened to me too. And so that’s why I’ve been so scared about using space heaters anymore.

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I found a guy that repairs small appliances like window air conditioners

I like to network as much as I can with my friends and work associates.

That’s how I found a really good car mechanic a few years ago.

I asked all the people at the office who they used to fix their vehicles, and somebody gave me an amazing referral for a mechanic I still use to this day. I have paid that mechanic to do everything from fix my brakes to replacing my car air conditioner compressor. He’s very skilled at what he does with his hands. And because I got a referral from a friend, he gives me fair pricing as well. If I went to the car dealership for instance to get the same work done, I would probably pay twice as much money for the same thing. So I’m always on the lookout for referrals for various services and skilled workers. Recently I found a guy who repairs small appliances through a friend I met in college. We still talk from time to time on the internet and he was telling me about a friend of his who lives nearby. This guy repairs things like window air conditioners and space heaters. I have a small window air conditioner that needed to be repaired and the guy said he would do it for $50. Instead of having to buy a new window air conditioner for $300, this man got my window air conditioner working again for a fraction of the price. It’s really convenient having somebody like this who can fix all these things for you. If I ever have small HVAC equipment and appliances that need to be repaired again in the future, I know where I’ll go.

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Looking at package style air conditioners for residential homes

I’m not a fan of dealing with real estate agents, but if you want to buy property sometimes it’s a necessary evil.

  • I have bought and sold homes without real estate agents, but sometimes it helps to have a second set of hands on deck.

Sometimes they’ll find properties that you’re not even aware have been listed. In these situations, it could be helpful to consult with a real estate agent even if you don’t use them for the final sale. There could be certain things about a house that you don’t know to look for especially when you’re hiring an inspector for the first time. I didn’t know how to find water damage in homes when I was a new home buyer. But nowadays I can figure out even the most hidden water damage problems. On top of that, you might not know about finding out if you can make certain adjustments to homes after the fact. For instance, some homes will only take certain heating and cooling systems. I bought an old house down south once that had such a small addict I couldn’t use a traditional ventilation system. I could not get metal ductwork so I had to use flex duct. Right now I’m dealing with a house that I’m trying to renovate but I am starting to wonder if I should just get a package style air conditioner for it. A package style air conditioner has one large component that contains both the condenser and the evaporator coil. It’s sort of like a window air conditioner but much larger. Of course the evaporator coil is inside the house while the rest of the component is on the outside of the house. Sometimes you’ll see a package HVAC system on the side of a house or on its rooftop.
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My kids are trying to talk me into going to the zoo but I think the temperature is too cold

They don’t care about the temperature or the weather or if they have access to a furnace or an air conditioning system.

My kids are all trying to talk me into taking them to the zoo later on this week but I just don’t know if I can. I do not like being outside whenever the temperature is too cold. Even though spring is coming, the weather is not really heating up all that much around here yet. We live right by a very big lake, and the wind that blows off of the lake makes the temperature feel a lot colder than it actually is. Whenever there is wind, it makes it even worse. It has been pretty windy the past few days, and I am afraid that it’s going to be even windier at the zoo because it is up on the top of a hill over by the lake. Anyway, we have not even turned off our furnace for the year, so I just don’t know if it’s the right time of the year to go walking around outside at the zoo. My kids, of course, don’t care at all. They would go out in a blizzard if it meant that they got to see some giraffes. Kids are always weird like that. They don’t care about the temperature or the weather or if they have access to a furnace or an air conditioning system. They just always want to do whatever it is that they are interested in at the moment. I really don’t know if that’s a good way to live at all. I mean I guess it’s good to not worry about things, but once in a while you need to look ahead and make a plan. I guess that’s what happens as you become an adult!


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My husband Don was an HVAC technician

My husband Don was an HVAC technician for many years.

Before he passed away a couple of years ago, he had been working as an HVAC technician for almost 50 years! That’s the longest career of anyone that I ever knew.

I mean, I can’t even imagine working as an HVAC technician for that long. Don, on the other hand, always said that he couldn’t ever imagine doing any other kind of work than HVAC work. He always said that he was born to work on furnaces and air conditioning systems. I always thought that that was funny. I think that he was a really smart guy and that he could have done anything that he set his mind to, but he really enjoyed doing heating and cooling work. Over the years, he must have trained dozens and dozens of new heating and cooling technicians. I think that he really left his mark on the community here because whenever we had his funeral, there were hundreds of people that came. I did not know most of them. Most of them told me that Don had come to their house to work on their HVAC systems over the years and that’s how he knew most of them. It was interesting to see all of the different kinds of people that he knew through his work at the heating and cooling company. Needless to say, we always have the best indoor air quality at our house! Don made sure that we ended up with the very best high efficiency heating and cooling system of anyone in our neighborhood.
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My gym space isn’t air conditioned

The weather in my local area is especially boiling plus humid, and for the majority of the year, my good friend and I deal with uneven temperatures in the high eighties, nineties plus sporadically the triple digits, however the excessive moisture makes the air feel especially boiling plus heavy, my pal and I rely on central air conditioner for approximately eight months straight. I have a lanai built across the back of the dwelling that I use for a workout space. The stone floor plus high ceilings are ideal. There is plenty of square footage to give for a yoga mat, incline bench, mini trampolines, set of hand weights, battle ropes plus an elliptical. The one wall is entirely constructed of screens. I enjoy the view of the backyard plus the lake behind my house. There are times when I prefer the influx of fresh air, and unfortunately, there is no way to air condition my cabin gym. I get up as early as I can manage to complete my workout before the day heats up. I am constantly dripping sweat before I finish my hot up, despite running many box fans on the highest speed, the heat plus humidity are a problem. I find it strenuous to get motivated. I feel sluggish plus slow. While I’m particularly gleeful with the setup of my cabin gym, I’ve considered building a shed on my property. I could then outfit the shed with a window air conditioner or a ductless mini split plus enjoy a comfortable temperature. I know I would get more benefits out of my exercise sessions, however, it would be a considerable investment.

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