Workout space isn’t air conditioned

The weather in my local area is especially hot and humid.

For the majority of the year, we deal with temperatures in the high eighties, nineties and sometimes the triple digits.

The excessive moisture makes the air feel especially overheated and heavy. We rely on central air conditioning for approximately eight months straight. I have a lanai built across the back of the house that I use for a workout space. The cement floor and high ceilings are ideal. There is plenty of square footage to provide for a yoga mat, incline bench, mini trampolines, set of hand weights, battle ropes and an elliptical. The one wall is entirely constructed of screens. I enjoy the view of the backyard and the lake behind my house. There are times when I appreciate the influx of fresh air. Unfortunately, there is no way to air condition my home gym. I get up as early as I can manage to complete my workout before the day heats up. I am typically dripping sweat before I finish my warm up. Despite running several box fans on the highest speed, the heat and humidity are a problem. I find it difficult to get motivated. I feel sluggish and slow. While I’m very happy with the setup of my home gym, I’ve considered building a shed on my property. I could then outfit the shed with a window air conditioner or a ductless mini split and enjoy a comfortable temperature. I think I would get more benefits out of my exercise sessions. However, it would be a considerable investment.

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