My house is so small that I can heat it with one small space heater

I have one of the smallest houses that I have personally ever seen.

  • I am not complaining at all because I picked my house.

I really love how little it is. It makes me feel so cozy. It is basically two rooms. One room that has a tiny kitchen and living room and a very small bedroom. My bedroom is big enough to fit my bed and that is about it. I have a lot of land though. I have about twenty-five acres of land, and I plan to build a much larger house on it someday. For right now, this tiny house is really all that I need. One thing that I have found really funny is how easy it is to heat my house. There was no furnace in the house when I bought it because it was previously owned by someone who was against using electricity. The man basically lived and off-grid lifestyle. It was pretty cool to see his set up when I moved in here. I did not want to get a furnace installed in such a little house, so I ended up just buying a little propane space heater that hangs on the way. It was not very expensive, and it works great! It heats the whole house within a few minutes. Even my bedroom gets warm as long as I leave the door open. I am so glad that I decided to get that little propane heater instead of investing in a new furnace. Not to mention, propane is pretty inexpensive around here.



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