Ceiling fans are good at circulating air conditioning currents

When I grew up we only had the money to live in an old house.

I made use of whatever was available at the time, especially when it came to appliances throughout the house.

Our washer and dryer were really old and inefficient. The oven was from the 1970s while the microwave is from the 1980s. We had old windows that were really leaking in the winter time, and frequently dripped with water when there were bad thunderstorms. My Dad tried to use silicone caulk on them several times but they would still leak. One thing I liked about that house was that I had ceiling fans and almost every single room. When you don’t have air conditioning and it’s the summertime, you really grow to appreciate ceiling fans and the function they serve. They’re not the most expensive thing to have either, so it’s good to invest in them if you don’t already have them to begin with. Even if you have an air conditioner, ceiling fans are good at recirculating the cold air. They can move it from the ceiling and push it down low into the floor. You can make up for bad ductwork by using ceiling fans. I’m really happy with the ceiling fans in my current home and the function they serve helping my air conditioning system. Without my ceiling fans, my air conditioning system would not be as efficient at recirculating air throughout the house. Some people who have air conditioners don’t even use their ceiling fans. They don’t realize how helpful they can be for using an air conditioning system.

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