Learned a good deal about Heating plus Air Conditioning plus indoor air quality

I don’t guess I’m uber smart even though I have a nice education plus consider myself of basic intelligence.

  • So how in the world did I not understand the importance of indoor air quality with regard to our health? I’ve been living inside the heating plus cooling of either residential Heating plus Air Conditioning or commercial Heating plus Air Conditioning for the last 50 years.

I mean, I understand air pollution plus the negative health effects from that. It just didn’t dawn on me that the air in my home could be polluted. Of course, I understood that the air outside gets to be the air inside at some point. But I lived out in the country where there was no air pollution. What I didn’t realize was that there was so numerous things in my home that were indeed airborne contaminants that were attacking my respiratory system. The chemical in carpets, furniture plus all kinds of plastic leach into the air. Of course, all the pet dander plus fur in our dwelling isn’t helping the indoor air quality either. It took me reading about how crucial indoor air quality was while in the pandemic for me to figure this all out. Once I got it, I did something about it. I was content to learn that there was something immediate plus inhigh-priced that I could pursue to improve the indoor air. I had constantly used cheap, paper air filters for the Heating plus Air Conditioning because they were just that, cheap. So the first thing I did was to upgrade those Heating plus Air Conditioning air filters with a HEPA filter. The HEPA filters honestly disconnect more than 99 percent of all airborne contaminants in the air.

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