I couldn’t handle it as a roofer

My brother Jake as well as I are total opposites, however jake is strong as well as athletic, where I am small, skinny, as well as have asthma.

Jake is confident as well as never has a hard time making friends or getting dates; I am nervous, shy, as well as awkward, as well as the last time I got a date he was the one who asked me out! I am a bookworm, with a school degree that can’t get me a job anywhere.

Jake is a red collar kind of guy, who has been laboring for a local roofing business since he was 16 years old, then at the time I made fun of Jake, saying that he was settling for a laboring-class job instead of aiming a little higher, but the joke is on me, because Jake is the one with the successful job in roofing, as well as I am saddled with student debt as well as no way to pay it off! After I lost my apartment I moved in with Jake, who offered to get me a job with the roofing business. I was absolutely hesitant to do this, because I know how hard it is to toil away under the blazing overheated sunlight doing roof upgradements as well as repairs. Jake laughed at me, as well as said he would never allow me to attempt a roof repair; He knew I was too soft for real roofing jobs, so he wanted to put me in the office to do paperwork. I said “do you mean I’ll be a secretary?” He laughed as well as told me that I was better suited to be a secretary than a roofing repair tech, as well as I had to confess he was right.

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