Trying to eliminate my laugh lines

I love to laugh, and always have.

My killer sense of humor is what made me so popular in school, and what propelled my career at the office.

I laugh, and make other people laugh, and it has been a huge benefit to my entire life. Up until now, of course. Now I am old enough that all those years of laughing have caught up with me in the form of “laugh lines.” These are very unappealing wrinkles in my face, and paired up with my growing crow’s feet, I am starting to look like a senior citizen. This simply will not do, so I turned to my specialist at the facial spa for advice. I have facials every week at the spa, but I had reached a point where a normal facial would only do so much good. My facial service specialist is a woman named Edna, who I have been seeing for the last two or three years. Edna is an expert in everything involving facials and regenerative skin techniques. She listed off a few different anti-wrinkle injectables I could try, including botox. She explained that my skin was great, but aging is hard to fight and I just needed a little “tighten up” that I could get from a small botox injection. I admit that the idea of botox injections was scary at first, but I trusted Edna and went ahead with them. I must say that Edna was right, and these botox injections have made me look ten years younger, at least! Should I try lip injections next?



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