I found a nice heater in my grandfather’s garage

I love my grandparents so much.

  • They truly mean the world to me.

My dad passed away when I was very young, and my mom had a very rough time with it. She was not able to take care of us kids, so my grandparents took us in. I was basically raised by my grandparents, and I will be forever grateful to them for that. When I went to college, I moved a lot of my things into my grandfather’s garage. We called it his garage because that was where he kept all of his things and did most of his work. I never went back after college to go through my old things. I was busy with a new job and totally forgot about the things that I had left behind in his garage. I did not remember those items until I moved into my first house about two months ago. I remembered an old humidifier that I had, and that reminded me of the things that I had left at their house. I decided to go ahead and go through those things. There was honestly very little that I wanted. Most of it was junk. While I was looking through my stuff, I spotted a nice electric space heater. It was not mine, but I needed a space heater because my laundry room tended to get quite chilly. It was not fun doing laundry in a room that was cold. I asked my grandpa if I could have the heater, and he told me that I could take anything that I wanted. I am so glad that I took that heater because it has made doing laundry so much nicer.

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The air conditioning in our car went out

Sometimes I think that my husband and I have bad luck.

  • I don’t really believe in luck, but if I did, we would have the worst luck out there.

We just bought a vehicle about two months ago. It was not a new vehicle because we did not want to spend too much money on it. It was going to be a work vehicle for my husband. We were told that we were getting an awesome deal on it, and from all of the research that we did, we were getting an awesome deal. It turned out to be a terrible deal because the transmission was going in the car, and we didn’t know it. We got that fixed, and now, the air conditioning stopped working. I did not believe it at first. I turned on the air conditioner like usual about fifteen minutes before I planned to leave for work one morning. When I got into the car, it was not cool like usual. It was still quite warm. I noticed on the way back home that the air conditioning was not blowing cool air at all. It was very warm air that was coming out of the vents. I told my husband about it, and he called a mechanic. We took it in, and they told us that one of the air conditioning lines was leaking. We were going to have them replace the line until they told us how much it would cost. My husband still wants to try and replace it himself, but he is not sure if he will be able to. I just want air conditioning in it again, and I am sure my husband does too since it is his work vehicle technically.

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My house is so small that I can heat it with one small space heater

I have one of the smallest houses that I have personally ever seen.

  • I am not complaining at all because I picked my house.

I really love how little it is. It makes me feel so cozy. It is basically two rooms. One room that has a tiny kitchen and living room and a very small bedroom. My bedroom is big enough to fit my bed and that is about it. I have a lot of land though. I have about twenty-five acres of land, and I plan to build a much larger house on it someday. For right now, this tiny house is really all that I need. One thing that I have found really funny is how easy it is to heat my house. There was no furnace in the house when I bought it because it was previously owned by someone who was against using electricity. The man basically lived and off-grid lifestyle. It was pretty cool to see his set up when I moved in here. I did not want to get a furnace installed in such a little house, so I ended up just buying a little propane space heater that hangs on the way. It was not very expensive, and it works great! It heats the whole house within a few minutes. Even my bedroom gets warm as long as I leave the door open. I am so glad that I decided to get that little propane heater instead of investing in a new furnace. Not to mention, propane is pretty inexpensive around here.



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The space heater we bought for our basement works quite well

He took it out of the package and turned it on for me before he left for work one morning

My husband and I have been having to do some relocating in our house in order to make room for our newest edition. We had two little boys, and we did not plan to have anymore babies for awhile, but God had different plans. He blessed us with a little baby girl. She has been sleeping in our room for the past six months, but it was time for her to get her own room. We decided to move the boys to the room where we used to keep our washer and dryer. We relocated our washer and dryer to the basement. Our house is not very big, but we do have a full size basement. Moving the laundry room downstairs was not a big deal to me until winter weather started hitting us. Even though it is underground and it should not change temperature much, it did get quite chilly down there. I was freezing when I went down there to do laundry, and my husband was not okay with that. We tried putting a tiny space heater that we had down there, but it was too small to really do anything. My husband decided that we should buy a larger space heater for the basement. I was so happy about that because I was sick of being cold. He bought the heater on sale which was nice. He took it out of the package and turned it on for me before he left for work one morning. I had never been so thankful for a little space heater in my life. I still don’t like doing laundry, but it is much nicer with heat.


My house has a new air conditioning system thanks to my parents

I love my parents so much.

Not only did they love me and raise me, but they continue to be a huge blessing to my husband and me.

I really don’t like to sound prideful, but I truly believe that I have the best parents in the world. I don’t know what I would do without them. My husband and I have been going through quite a bit lately. One of my husband’s family members passed away a few weeks ago, and he took it really hard. I fell and broke my leg. Our car broke down, and then, our air conditioning system broke. Needless to say, it has been a rough couple of months. My parents decided to be a huge blessing to us and pay for us to have an entirely new air conditioning system installed in our house. I could not believe it when the HVAC technicians showed up at our door. I was speechless. We had not been happy with the way that the HVAC ducts were run throughout our house, but we knew that we would not have the money to redo it for quite some time. We were saving for it, but we were quite a while away from being able to even start redoing it. My parents knew how much we wanted to have air conditioning throughout the entire house, so they even ran the AC through the second floor. I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to have air conditioning in our upstairs bedrooms. We sleep so much better now that it is nice and cool in our room!

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We finally got air conditioning in our bedroom

My husband and I had been wanting to get an air conditioner for our bedroom for a long time.

We put it off for so long that I started getting used to staying up for hours each night because I got so hot. It was truly silly of us to put off getting an air conditioner. They really aren’t that pricy. We just procrastinate on things that we don’t consider urgent. I wish that we would have considered having air conditioning in our room urgent because now that we have it, we both sleep so much better. I think I forgot what it felt like to have a full night’s sleep. My husband and I both noticed that we had a lot more energy after we got our air conditioner in our room. We actually didn’t even end up paying for it. We went to the store to buy it, and we met one of our good friends. He saw the air conditioner and asked where we were going to put it. After explaining the whole story to him of how we put off buying one for months, he decided to buy it for us. We tried to stop him, but he would not take “no” for an answer. It was super kind of him. He is one of those people who gives and gives. You would think that he does not have anything left to give, but somehow, he is always blessed financially, and I truly believe it is because he gives and gives of himself and his money. We are so blessed to have a friend who spontaneously buys things for us.

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