I tried to do my own roof repair, with terrible results

If I had it to do over again, I would make a different choice. It was about six months ago when a home inspection revealed I needed serious roof repairs. If I didn’t have everything up to code in time, the insurance company would not renew my homeowner’s policy. As a side note, can we all agree that insurance companies are the biggest crooks and scam artists in the world today? Okay, back to the topic at hand – with expensive repairs needed, and no money in the bank, I had to climb up on the roof and attempt my own repairs. This was a terrible idea. Now I realize that roofing is a skilled trade that requires experience, care, and patience, and I understand that I am not capable of doing it. For three days I attempted my own roof repair, and the end result was me being sent to the hospital for heat exhaustion. How do these roofing experts spend all day, everyday out in this insane heat and humidity? Roofers must be mutants, or super heroes, or something else from a comic book, because they surely are not regular humans! After I was sent home from the ER I called a couple of local roofing contractors and asked to get an inspection and a bid for the job. The first roofing company told me I needed a full replacement, and it would cost about ten thousand bucks. The second roofing contractor said he could beat that price by installing sturdy sheet metal roofing material. Guess which contractor I chose?

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