The ductwork problems were a huge mess

I knew there must be some problems with the ductwork in my home, because there were hot and cold spots all over the place. In the living room there was good airflow at the south side of the room but on the north side of the room there was no air flow at all. In the bedroom we had very little air flow too. I decided to contact a company that specializes in ductwork problems and solutions. The commercial and residential heating and AC repair and installation company sent a technician that was skilled and prepared to deal with the ductwork problems. The kid went into the attic and crawled around for nearly an hour. He came out later with information that I did not want to hear. The kid took a bunch of pictures of the ductwork. The ductwork problems were a huge mess. There were parts of the ductwork that were completely falling apart and there were some parts of the ductwork that had holes and needed to be sealed. The technician felt that the entire system and network of ductwork needed to be replaced including all of the sheet metal. He gave me a price for all of the fabrication and installation work and told me to call them when I was ready to get the system updated. I think that I will wait until I am ready to replace the heating and AC system as well. It doesn’t make much sense to do both jobs at a separate time when they should be done together.



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