It was cool and comfortable inside the building

I went to an outdoor concert with a couple of my friends.

  • The concert was held at the beach last Friday night.

The outdoor venue holds a lot of people and it was packed due to the fact that the concert was free. It was very hot and humid outside. Temperatures were easily 90° even after the sun went down. There was only one place near the venue with air conditioning. It was cool and comfortable inside of the building, but it was a restroom. My friends and I ducked into the restroom anytime when the temperatures were too hot and humid. We tried to drink water and have a couple of beers, but it was miserable outside. The only place with air conditioning turned out to be the bathroom and we looked pretty silly going in and out of that place multiple times. By the middle of the rock and roll set, my friends and I were miserable. There was no way we were going to spend the whole evening in the bathroom, so we decided to leave the free concert early. We went to a bar around the corner with 2 or1 drinks. It was still happy hour when we arrived and we drank several margaritas before we decided to head back to our apartment. I definitely wanted to skip all of the traffic and head back to our apartment before the rest of the concert goers exited the building. It would have taken us twice as long to go three miles if we would have waited around.

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