I stole their climate control system

I should have asked permission before using my friend’s portable space heater, but I did it anyway.

I was sitting there with the furnace in my house, I was still a bit shaky even having it, but not from the temperature outside at this point, but from taking his unit.

My neighbor who lives nearby told me that they just bought a portable space furnace and were raving about how hot and cozy it made their apartment feel. I decided to abruptly grab it, and I would bring it back in the day. Back at home I felt horrible. In addition to having stolen something that wasn’t mine, I felt bad because I knew my neighbor might need the furnace as well. If they felt chilly and had no other way to stay warm, what would happen? I made an effort to suppress my guilt as I went about my evening, savoring the warmth that the borrowed furnace provided. But I couldn’t help feeling guilty every time I looked at it. I made the decision to act morally as the night wore on because I couldn’t shake the guilt I was feeling. I apologized for stealing the furnace from her over the phone to my friend. The fact that I didn’t ask them before borrowing it still made them upset, but they understood. The next afternoon I delivered a handwritten note of apology, along with the portable space furnace, back to my friend’s door. I promised that I would never take something from them without their permission again, and I promised to make it up to them in any way I could.

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My 3 year old and my a/c system

I savor that my little boy gets excited about the simplest things in life.

I’m absolutely jealous that at the age of 3, whatever it is that’s new or pleasing to him, he will express himself.

He would do a little dance, clap his hands or go woohoo. I can’t help but smile and giggle at these reactions. His dances are outlandish as well, and they are not something you’d see at a wedding or a club. It’s just cute and he gets the kick out of me giggling. A few years ago my partner and I bought a home but it was pretty bare. My great friend and I didn’t have a lot of things in it but the essentials, beds, fridge, oven, furniture, etc. It was a home but my associate and I were not exactly living a comfortable life. Until just recently, my associate and I bought a new TV and I really wanted an air conditioner in the house. My great friend and I called the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier and after a week, the cooling expert came in and installed a central air conditioning unit. The home feels way better than it used to and at night, my associate and I all sleep much better. It’s kind of comical when the central air conditioner turns on because our child will yell, “Woohoo,” and run around the home followed by a small dance routine. No matter what I’m doing, I’ll watch in amazement and laugh and at times join in with him. Well, not the running part but the dance routine. I don’t have the energy to run but sharing that moment with him is amazing. Also, I know he loves seeing his daddy do it with him.



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My roommate loves climate control too much

The home is a nightmare.

Well, not really a nightmare but it’s super chilly in it. Outside of the disgusting trash mess that my roommate leaves throughout the apartment, the air conditioner is running 24/7. I don’t know why he keeps it so chilly in the home, and the electric bill is just awful. Awful isn’t really giving it any justice, the electric bill is higher than Snoop Dogg. He always says, “What, the electric bill is 50/50 so it shouldn’t matter!” I know it matters because my 50 percent of the bill is higher than it should be, and recently I got so sick and weary of everything that I bought a smart thermostat. I had another neighbor that works for the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier install it for me. My roommate thought it was so cool that he can now change the thermostat settings from his cellphone. The thing is, I told him there were some technical issues with it and it looks like my associate and I still have to walk up to it and change the thermostat settings by hand. He was a little bummed out although he moved back to the living room and didn’t really put much thought into it. I knew I lied but I got weary of the bill being so high that now when I’m at work or whatever, I can keep track of the temperature of the home and what temperature he set the air conditioner too. I’m not a fan of lying but I know I can’t afford the electric bill and my lack of comfort when I am home.

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Living with furnace in my bedroom

I needed a location to stay because I’m so sick and weary of living with my parents so I did what I thought was the best move.

My buddy Randy owned a home with a few roommates, and the only spot I had was the basement.

Which is fine, I spend time with the gentlemen and when it comes to quiet time I have a spot. The only problem is that it’s pretty hot because of the Heating and Air Conditioning unit. There really isn’t a lot of space for my bed and I’m pretty close to the boiler. Sleep can be rough at times if someone cranks up the furnace but it’s never too chilly out, so on cooler afternoons or in the summertime it feels nice. I have my gaming console and TV, but the internet is just terrible. So when I want alone time, it’s mainly boredom for me. I work a lot to stay tied up and save money so I can eventually get my own apartment. That’s further down the line and right now I’m just focusing and having fun when I can. Overall, it would be nice to have a living room like everyone else in the home but I can’t be picky. I was the last one to move in and technically I’m not on the lease so I can move out at any time. Also, I don’t spend as much money on rent like they do since they know my living room is kind of terrible. I should say basement, since that’s what I live in, but I know it is also my living room.



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My heater is coming soon

I’ve been searching high and low at my local stores but I just can’t find a furnace in my town.

I’m not a fan of ordering things online but it looks like that might be the route I’ll have to go. Before I do that, I’m going to drive a little further out and check out the stores that are two towns away. Well, that didn’t go over absolutely well because no one has the furnace that I so desperately need. There is no Heating and Air Conditioning supplier around here either. I can’t believe I moved to a smaller village that really doesn’t have anything. I get it, sizable store companies would feel it would be a waste to put something heating and cooling related near our small town. It wouldn’t last or make enough money to survive. Everyone has to go to the city, which I’ll tell you is about eight hours away. It’s crazy that if you have an issue, then you are spending a lot of money sending out a heating and Air Conditioning worker to service anything that is heating or cooling related. Luckily, I know how to do those repairs but I know I won’t open a store. It would be a waste of money but I’ll help out a neighbor here and there if they need it. So I know online is what I have to do so I found one for a great deal but I have to pay on shipping. There is always something that costs extra but at least I found a great deal on the heater.


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A comfort control system for gramps

Grandpa doesn’t savor new-age technology.

What does that mean? It means anything that was made after the 1990s is overheated garbage to him.

Well, that’s what he says. It’s always along the lines of, “Things are not made the same when I was younger.” I get it, he drove in appealing cars that were like metal cans and now my associate and I drive cars that close up look like a water bottle. The thing is that Grandpa didn’t have all the safety features my associate and I have these afternoons. These newer cars are made to save the person, not the vehicle. The old ones were strong but your safety wasn’t as good. When he comes to my home he loves some of the modern things, although he can’t find himself investing money into them for himself. He always compliments my thermostat settings and I told him it’s a smart thermostat and it takes care of my indoor comfort needs all the time. He went from smiling to enjoying his time to saying, “I know technology is taking over your life.” My Grandfather doesn’t get it. Everything is advancing and my heating and cooling system is a sizable part of it. A sizable part of my dwelling comfort is my heating and cooling system. I work from home so I don’t get out much unless it’s to see friends or grocery shop. I have everything I need here so my Grandfather can be infuriated if he wants to be. I know it makes him feel that I’m lazy and my work ethic isn’t as great as his but technology is the future and I’m here for the ride.



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